AWOAH Cosmic Purple Wheels 4-pack

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Light up the night! Add a little more added safety to your ride at night. The illuminated wheels will not only make you more visible to pedestrians and traffic when you’re cruising, but add a sense of wonder and awe to anyone's night. Exciting, motion-activated light-up wheels add a sense of amazement to any ride.

Add the most innovative and cool safety feature available to your board!


Package includes 4 purple wheels and 2 gears and pulleys.

Board types supported include:

-Evolve (Bamboo GTR and Carbon GTR)

-Boosted Board v2

-Boosted Board v3 (Stealth, Plus, Mini, S/X)

-Exway Flex Riot

-Wowgo 3X


Electric Skateboard / Longboard wheels
Size: 97mm
Width: 52mm
Durometer: 75A
Contact Patch: 43mm
Lip Profile: Round
Color: Purple