How to Install AWOAH Wheels

Installing your AWOAH Wheels is a simple process. This article will give you a step-by-step guide to replacing your stock wheels with AWOAH Wheels.


For ExWay Flex:


 For Boosted V3:


Step One:

Layout all of your equipment. AWOAH kit comes with 2 or 4 wheels depending on your purchase, 2 pulley gears and magnets. You should also line up all the hardware that came with your board and from removing the stock wheels: T (skate) tool, bearings, washers and screws.

Step Two:

Take the magnet and put it in the center of the wheel. Then fill the center wheel hole with bearings on each side of the magnet. Do this for all of your wheels.

Step Three:

Take the your existing bearings and put them in on either side of the gear pulley. Do this for both gear pulleys. 

Step Four:

Slide the gear pulleys onto the rear axels of your board. Push them in until there is a quarter inch or centimeter gap of space left. Then slide your washers on so they are flush with the gear pulley.

Step Five:

Slide you wheel on so it is flush against the washers. Then slide on the remaining washer. Finally screw the nut back on and tighten it with the T tool.

Step Six:

Show off your sweet mods while riding!